Projects come in many shapes and sizes and may be phased or staged in different ways. A typical full project may follow these stages.

  1. Concept
  2. Design specification
  3. Circuit design
  4. PCB design
  5. Software design
  6. Concept prototype
  7. Production prototype
  8. Compatibility &
    safety testing
  1. Documentation
  2. Operating manual production
  3. Build documentation
  4. Production readiness
  5. Design completion
  6. Production support

The stages design specification through to design prototype are frequently looped through until the design meets the requirements of the client. This is normally because the design prototype will offer opportunities not considered in the initial concept.

Other projects can take different forms. Sometimes speed of development is most important to prove a concept and an alternative format will be employed. This kind of development can be completed in a mater of weeks.

  1. Concept
  2. Basic specification
  3. Fast prototype
  1. Functional software design
  2. Write up

Each of the stages of a project is also offered as a discrete item or service. So if you need support for the layout of a PCB or you want to go as far as the first design prototype, we are more than happy to supply to your requirement.

Electronic specification Circuit board design

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