Engineering Support

A lot of our work is based on engineering support.

A company has project deadline even when staff are on holiday. We can cover your requirement to keep your project on track.

Be it a modification to a circuit design or circuit board. Or taking a project to the design prototype stage.

Sometimes a company will have its own in house engineering department but there is no spare capacity to develop a new concept. We are frequently asked to produce a project to prototype stage to prove the concept. Under these circumstances the project and the documentation provided are developed to meet the needs of the in house engineering department. So that they can continue the project development and introduce it to production with any changes that are required.

With a pricing structure to suit your project and a flexible service range, tailored to your companies requirements.

With regular weekly updates and project reports so you can see the project progress.

List of technologies supported:

  • Microprocessor embedded systems
  • CPLD, FPGA, AVR / PIC micro
  • Infra-red and radio remote control
  • Software Visual Studio, C#, HTML, Java, Assembler, Embedded C
  • Communications protocols: RS232, RS485, USB, CAN, TCP/IP etc
  • Radio data communications
  • PC configuration software for embedded devices
  • Surface mount technology and through hole design and manufacturing
  • Multi-layer FR4 PCB, flexible PCB, Flexi / Rigid PCB, Metal substrate PCB, Ceramic PCB etc
  • Motor control, inverter drives and power control
  • Internet connected devices (I.O.T. internet of things)
  • Mobile App design (Apple and Android)
  • Telemetry and remote automation monitoring systems
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