Electronic Design

We donít just deal with large companies with big ideas, far from it. Many of our clients are small businesses or individuals who have an idea for a product or design but have no idea where to start to get it designed or produced. That is were we can help most.

The idea or concept is the most important part of any product the rest is just making it a reality.

These days almost every product has electronics of some kind to control the function or operation. Be it a childrenís toy or a complex diagnostic instrument. Electronics are included to control the function or make the user experience more satisfying.

If you’re current product range does not include electronics and you think your next product could or should include some electronic wizardry, and you have limited in house resources. We are able to take your concept to a fully functioning prototype to prove the concept and then on to production. With support for the product for as long as you need.

You may be an individual with a great idea, the plan is good and you have the funding and investors that you need. Naturally you want to get the project running and on to the market as quickly as possible. Talk to us and in confidence we can discuss with you, exactly what sort of support would be best suited to your requirement.

Our aim is to design ourselves out of your project. We do not look for tie-ins or royalties on your product. We can provide, if you require it, ongoing product support in a flexible tailored way that suits you and your product. So your product can be updated to meet the demands of the market and that it has the greatest longevity in the market, reaping the greatest rewards for you.

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